About Us

Hartcliffe City Farm will open to the public on Sunday 5th June. It is a working city farm, providing a green space with market and flower gardens for local people to enjoy, as well as producing food and offering volunteering opportunities.

Founding Partners

Heart of BS13 logo

Heart of BS13 have been embedded in the Hartcliffe community since being founded in 1990. The organisation works to improve the health and lives of people living in BS13.

Windmill Hill City Farm runs the hugely popular community centre in Bedminster that offers education, recreation and therapy to local people.

We are at the start of a long journey. We were chosen as the preferred team to take forward a lease on the space following an open tender process in March 2021. We committed to three phases of activity:

  1. The first phase was to raise funds to make the project possible. While that work will never be over, we have enough to make a start. Thanks to all those who have supported us so far.
  2. The second phase will follow from us signing a lease and will see a gradual build up of activity leading to a public opening in spring 2022.
  3. The third phase is the longest. It sees the activity on the site grow into a thriving community hub that helps to transform the neighbourhood.

How to find us

The site is not open to the public until spring 2022, though there will be some specific community days when it will be open for activities.