What’s going on at the farm?

We’re at the very beginning of a journey, but things are starting to take shape at Hartcliffe City Farm! Our amazing local volunteers have been cheerfully donning their high-vis vests and taking on a whole load of practical tasks to help get the farm ready for opening.

Tasks have included repairing and building animal paddocks, creating paths, digging vegetable and flower beds, plus a whole lot of weeding. We’d love to welcome more volunteers – you don’t need experience in any of these tasks, just the ability and willingness to be physically active for a few hours, get stuck in and work as a team. Find out more about volunteering here.

These practical tasks are the first stage in a long journey to get the site where we want it to be. We’ve been thrilled by the enthusiasm of volunteers wanting to get stuck in right from the beginning and help shape their city farm. If all goes to plan, we’re hoping to open the doors to the public in the next few months. At first, the site will just be a greenspace for locals to enjoy, with activities, events and volunteering opportunities building over time according to funding.

Down the line, the farm will boast market gardens producing fresh fruit and veg and beautiful flowers. They’ll be animals to visit, there for educational and therapeutic purposes, as well as food production. A food trailer or café will serve tasty dishes, as much as possible made from food produced at the farm.

More volunteers will be welcomed, to get involved, learn new skills and meet others or, if they have mental health or learning difficulties they’ll benefit from supported placements helping with gardening or caring for the animals. They’ll be crucial in the running of a working city farm that benefits the whole community. School children will come to learn about food, farming and nature, meeting the animals and identifying, picking and cooking the fruit and veg grown at the farm. These are some of the things we’re envisioning at first, but there are plenty of additional facilities and services that might develop as the project progresses.

It’ll be a while before we get to this point – there’s a lot of fundraising and practical work still to be done. But with the help of volunteers, enthusiasm and a drive to make this place something really special we’re very excited to see where it goes. We’re at the start of a journey and can’t wait to welcome you all.

You can now find the farm on Facebook & Instagram. Follow us to follow the journey of the farm as it develops.

Learn more about volunteering here.

Got questions? You can get in touch with us via email: info@hartcliffecityfarm.org.uk

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